Welcome to Kindaimanna Community Kindergarten

Kindaimanna is a four year-old community kindergarten located in Camillo, Western Australia. We are open to all families in the Armadale, Kelmscott and surrounding areas.

Kindaimanna means ‘Come and Play’.

We believe that at kindergarten the best learning comes through play. We do that through songs, stories, fun themes and exploring our large play space.

I love that this is a stand-alone facility – from the practical aspects (never fighting for a parking space) to the independence with which it is run (no set bell times in conjunction with a main school) so it is flexible for the teachers to adapt play and learning according to how the kids (and weather!) are on the day.

Monica Steven

As an Early Childhood teacher myself, this was my first choice of kindy for my child. So many opportunities to play and plenty of age-appropriate activities.

It’s fabulous and just how I remember kindy when I was 4 years old.

Sandy Plumb