Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kindaimanna have high fees?

Kindaimanna is an education department-funded school which means that its fee structure is like that of a public school with an annual voluntary contribution of up to $60.00. This fee can be paid in termly instalments. Purchasing of uniforms are optional and second hand options are also available. We also have a booklist but very minimal:

Tissue boxes, toilet rolls, glue, display book and paper.

Is Kindergarten Compulsory?

It is only compulsory to start school from Pre-Primary. If you attend Kindaimanna, you are still guaranteed a place in the Pre-Primary program of the school in your catchment area. For schools not in your catchment area will depend on their availability.

Is this a three year-old kindergarten?

Kindaimanna is a traditional kindergarten. It is a school exclusive for children who turn four (4) between July 1 and June 30.

Do I need to live nearby?

Kindaimanna accepts enrolments irrespective of location. We have families travelling from up to 30 minutes away to enjoy the benefits of our community kindy. If we reach over maximum capacity, enrolments in the catchment area will take first preference.

How many students do you accept?

Kindaimanna accepts a maximum of 20 students. This gives the children more space to play and have more opportunity for their needs to be tended to.

When do enrolments close?

You can enrol any time of the year however the Department of Education require enrolment numbers from all schools by end of week one of Term 3 for the following school year. Unlike mainstream schools, Kindaimanna require at least 16 enrolments by this date to be granted teaching staff and funding to remain operational for the following year. If spots are still available for the current year, it is not too late to enrol your kindy-aged child to experience the benefits of attending Kindaimanna.

Visit the enrolment page if you would like more information about enrolling your child at Kindaimanna.

Does my child have to attend kindergarten?

Kindergarten is the precursor to schooling in Western Australia and while not compulsory it is high recommended. Learning programs are based on children’s interests with a focus on social, emotional, literacy, numeracy and physical development.

What days are classes run at Kindaimanna?

Kindaimanna runs on a five-day fortnight. The children attend every Thursday and Friday and alternate Wednesdays during school terms.

What curriculum does your program follow?

All Western Australian schools follow the Early Years Learning Framework,  Western Australian Curriculum and National Quality Standards. Kindaimanna is no exception, we just deliver the content in the optimal way for our kindy kids to learn best – through a Play-Based program.

Do you have qualified teaching staff?

Yes, our Teacher and Education Assistant are fully qualified and registered with Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA). They are employed by the Department of Education.

Do the children have to wear a uniform?

Uniforms are not compulsory. Short-sleeved shirts, hats and jumpers with our Kindaimanna logo are available for purchase for those preferring a uniform for their child.

I have older children in school. How do I manage two different pick-up and drop-off times?

Kindaimanna is flexible for families that are running between two schools. As we are a stand-alone kindy, we have the freedom and flexibility to do things at our own pace. It also works better for the children at this early stage of schooling to have a routine that best suits them and not a bigger school timetable. You can organise with the teachers to drop your child off slightly later then 8:50am or pick up your child earlier than 2:50pm.

Do you offer before or after school services?

Our local daycare ‘Great Beginnings’ in Camillo have the facilities to offer this service.

Do I have to be part of the committee?

Being part of the committee is voluntary and it may not be as involved as you may think. Meetings are held approximately twice a term and you will have the power to contribute ideas and skill sets to improve the environment of the school. It is a fulfilling role where you can develop several life-long skills and friendships.

Which primary school does my child go to next year?

Your child’s future enrolment at a primary school is completely your choice. Many of our local children transition to our linked Grovelands Primary School.

What makes you different from other kindergartens?

Community Kindergartens provide play-based learning in an environment built just for kindy kids. As we are in a stand-alone facility, our day is not dictated by the wider school and you can always find parking during drop-off and pick-up. Smaller class sizes also allow the teaching staff to spend more time with each student and cater to their needs.

Community kindergartens are also managed by a parent management committee in collaboration with the teaching staff. It is a team effort, focused on delivering a fantastic kindergarten experience for our children. Being a non-profit organisation, the committee fundraise money through events such as raffles or applying for grants. This all goes directly back to the kindergarten and the committee can have a say on how it should be spent as well.

Funds can go towards things such as: extra resources, upgrading or replacing play equipment, cover the costs of incursions or excursions, or even events through the year such as family days or the end of year christmas party.

Will my child have trouble transitioning into primary school after attending Kindaimanna?

Kindaimanna provides a gentle transition to begin your child’s schooling and we generally find the transition into pre-primary much better after such a positive start to school. Kindaimanna graduates are confident, happy learners, with an in-built desire to learn and make enquiries about the world around them which helps them to be successful in their future schooling.

Is there public transport that stops nearby?

There is a Transperth bus service 245 that stops on Westfield Rd near Clenham Way (Stop No:13047 and No:13036) and travels between Kelmscott and Armadale stations. The bus stop is in front of Bernice Hargrave Reserve which means it is only a short walk across the park to the Kindergarten.

click here to look at the timetable on the Transperth website.

I have more questions, who can I ask?

You can email us at or through our Facebook page which you can follow to see some of the great things going on at Kindaimanna daily.