Kindaimanna is a Government-Funded Kindergarten but community-run. This means that it has the same fee structure as public schools but parents and the community have a voice in the day-to-day learning experiences and community spirit of the school.

All business matters are the responsibility of the Management Committee, which consists of parents who meet at least once a term to make the necessary decisions. All parents of children enrolled into Kindaimanna automatically become general members of the committee. The election of positions in the committee takes place at the Annual General Meeting held in February each year. Parents are encouraged to attend.


Contributions are set by the Government. The yearly voluntary contribution is $50.00 per child, which will go towards classroom resources and equipment (paper, paint, textas, craft supplies, etc.). The contribution can be paid at the beginning of the year in one lump sum or in 4 smaller payments of $12.50 each term

Children who participate in incursions and/or excursions may incur additional costs. This will depend on fundraising events that are planned through the Parent Managed Committee.